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word paintings

History and change is the theme of Trasov’s conceptual word painting treating the phenomenon of the numerous street name changes, squares and underground stations in Berlin. The work is a direct expression of the rapid development of a once divided city into a vibrant metropolis. It is shown in a place that is a symbol of momentous historic events- situated directly on the former Berlin Wall beside Brandenburg Gate and centre for the Academy of Art, divided after 1945, now newly organized and united. The large exhibition hall with classic skylight is part of the remaining “enfilade” of the former Prussian Academy of Art. Here on September 24, 1993, the unification of former east and west Academies was officially recognized.

The removal of monuments and renaming of cities and streets took place in all countries of the former East Block with the demise of the Soviet Union December 25, 1991. The process of street name changes, underground stations and squares in East Berlin, the capital of the German Democratic Republic, has taken place since German Unity Day with the unification of the two Germanies October 3, 1990. During the 40 years existence of the GDR, 1949-1989, streets in East Berlin that were named on political grounds were named after high-ranking members of the German Socialist Party SED, Marx and Communist venables, Communist concepts and members of the Resistence and antifaschist movement.  STRASSENBILD names the more than 60 streets, underground stations and squares which have been renamed in East Berlin. In the painting there is no direct connection between the old and the new name. They are placed at random. The work is a metaphor for the dissolve of a political system and the collapse of ideologies.

Word Paintings